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3rd May 2006

fadagaski6:57pm: Passing the torch
K, so I've thought it over, and I've decided that I don't want to run this community any more. I tried my best to get things going, but as much as I loved the sense of accomplishment the few times I managed to sew a chapter together, I just don't have the inclination to continue this noble line of work. Plus, with the website down, I figure now's as good a time as any to pass the torch on.

So. Who wants to be the next mod sbp_aloud?

I'll send you all the files I have, though I will admit that the List has gone missing somewhere between moving back to uni after Christmas. However, all volunteers can be found in comments on various posts. fiere has generously offered hosting on her account, so whoever takes over can sort things out with her. To be made a mod of the community itself, you'll have to talk to doramajoo as she and the mod formally known as cheeriomonkey are the only two with unlimited community access.

Anything else, feel free to ask me. I recommend that you recast my part as James, as I won't be here in a few short weeks and I won't have access to anything more sophisticated than a cheap laptop and a landline until January.

I wish you good luck. It was fun while it lasted.

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22nd February 2006

fadagaski10:13am: AHEM!
Just because I've been banned from the net for the next two weeks doesn't mean I want the files to stop arriving! Prodders, go Prod people! Readers, if you've psoted your files, just tell your Prodders. If liveonthesun can send me her part on a CD in the post from Alabama then you all have no excuse!

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1st February 2006

fadagaski9:20am: General update
Or lack thereof. I haven't gotten around to sorting the website out, so I know Prodders don't know who's sent in files and who hasn't. When I come back this weekend, it shall be done. Then you can reProd all those who are still being lazy and evil! Mwahaha.

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31st January 2006

fadagaski7:52am: Recast
This is a RECAST for Ch22 Part 2, and next on my List is riverflame. Prodder, they're all yours.

Yes, I've still not got around to sorting out the website. Will do it soon. :P

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19th January 2006

fadagaski7:05am: Recast
This is a RECAST for Ch20 Part 2. Next on my List is maelinya, who is also a Prodder herself, so no excuses! :P

Have got password to site. Will make changes over next couple of days.

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13th January 2006

fadagaski10:58am: Recast
This is a RECAST of Ch22 Part 2, and the next on my List is whatchaduyen. Congrats! Prodder, they're all yours.

Keep the files coming, folks! Pretty soon I might be able to RELEASE A CHAPTER. *touches wood*

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12th January 2006

fadagaski8:39am: ATTN: Prodders
Look at this.

A number of you have been asking me what to do about people who say they've sent in files. Basically, if they've sent in files, chances are their parts don't appear on the above webpage. Only parts still missing are on there, so you only have to hunt down those people.

In theory. Some files I've received and not been able to update the webpage.

Rule of thumb: If they've sent the file, I've got it, so you can release the reader from interrogation thank the reader kindly from me.

You all rock! I've not seen this comm so busy since it first opened. Thank you, people!

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11th January 2006

fadagaski2:55pm: Recast
This is a RECAST of CH13 Part 1, and it goes to the next person on my List: basiliskfairy

Congratulations. Prodder, you know what to do.

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fadagaski1:50am: Recast
Because of the password situation, I can't change the site. However, I am hereby RECASTING part 2 of Ch10. Next on the List is: heriros. That's Ch10 Part 2. Prodder, embrace your new victim charge.

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10th January 2006

fadagaski1:48pm: Casting Ch24
Sorry for the spam, but I'm just going to cast Ch24 and then I'll bugger off for the next three months. ^_~ The lucky people are:

Part 1 - pasdeova
Part 2 - starbucksmanic
Part 3 - 2collinknight
Part 4 - decadent_chains

Scripts aren't up yet, because I can't access the FTP (wrong password, or something). However, if you email me, I can send you the script. OR, seeing as this chapter divides easily, you can look at shoebox_project and use common sense. If you feel you're no longer able to participate, or would like to be postponed, drop me a line.

Have fun!


PS. Does anyone want to do me a huge favour and find the notes for Ch17a? They still won't show on SBP.
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fadagaski1:06pm: ATTN: PRODDERS
THIS LINK is very important. It's your guide. On there is the up-to-date version of who's reading what. As files are sent in, the links to the scripts are deleted - basically, only the links up there are ones that need prodding. Now, I'm going to divide up the selection into subsections so that we don't have 10 people hounding one reader. Going by the volunteers from my last post, Prodder Rights will be assigned as follows:

Chapters 5 - 8 : padfootgirl
Chapters 9 - 12 : hybrid0rainbow
Chapters 13 - 16 : maelinya
Chapters 17 - 20 : starprincess
Chapters 21 - 24 : gorthead (You can go easy on these readers, as they won't have had as much time)

Your mission: to seek out new life and new civilisations hunt down and kill maim coerce readers who have yet to send in their files. Those who don't answer, those with deleted livejournals, those who ask to be removed from the project, need to be reported back to me so I can reassign parts.

It would mean SO MUCH to me if you could help with this. There are a LOT of readers for just one person to be tracking down all the time.

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fadagaski2:45am: *bangs drum*

Scripts are published, I've got a list of 7 people wanting to read, and yet I've not got ANY complete chapters. This is getting tiresome. I'm seriously considering two things:

1) recasting ALL Marauders. I don't much care if I play James or not, and there's very little work for Peter so he can stay if he wants, but Remus and Sirius? I understand RL is a bitch.

2) Passing the torch on. I've had this job long enough, and I've got pitifully little to show for it. I've got loads of spare time - ah, the joys of being a Humanities undergrad - but no chapters to glue together. I don't WANT to give it up (power freak! mwahaha), but if I can't make things happen, then it would probably be better to do just that.

Maybe I can hire a dedicate group of Prodders who I can send out into the Intarwebs to prod readers. "Fly my pretties, fly!" and all that. Volunteers?

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28th August 2025

fadagaski8:00pm: Update!
Ladies and Gents (and None of the Above),

I am proud to present to you the comprehensive collection of Things That Need Recording For Me To Make A Workable SBP_Aloud. It is HERE.

To check that you have a part, please go HERE.

After I've gone for a well-deserved and much-needed shower, I'm going to go through and leave comments on EVERY SINGLE JOURNAL asking if people still want to take part. Those that don't will be replaced; those that do ... can you prove it to me?

aka. The One Who Works Really Hard And Comes Across As A Complete Bitch Because Of It
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1st August 2005

fadagaski1:17am: Posting from España
Just letting you know in advance - will have all scripts so far prepared and uploaded by the end of August, linked from the journal and the website, and comments left in all readers' journals. The rest, I will leave to you.

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23rd June 2005

fadagaski8:59pm: NUDGIT!
Don't forget, folks! I'm waiting for files from just about everyone, methinks. *grin* No one after Ch16a need worry yet.

riverlight is McGonogall and first on the chapters list, followed by lorax and dreamoflight.

musicianatheart has been cast for the Valentine part.

harwhon will be reading Ch8 Part 1.

When I come back from my holiday in August, I'm going to sort out all the scripts to date, put a permanent list here, and leave it to you readers. I won't have such easy net connection at uni, which will mean I won't be here to guilt-trip you all. If you want to have sbp_aloud remotely finished, it'll be up to you.

Probably Drunk On Rum Chocolate Cake
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11th June 2005

fadagaski9:37pm: Ch21 casting
Howdy folks,

Sirius sensing something? I think Jaida's got Star Wars on the brain. ^_^ Still, a nice first half, and a nicely depressing second half. Which I must now cast.

Ch21a part 1 goes to magicalweaselb.

Ch21a part 2 goes to liveonthesun.

Ch21b part 1 goes to superdork37.

Ch21b part 2 goes to andy_star.

Am still waiting for files for the following:

5 (sasha_black)
6 (sasha_black)
8 (sasha_black + falseaidoru)
9a (loony_moony)
9b (syndarys)
10 (doramajoo)
12 (emerald_ashes + McGonogall + syndarys)
14 (anna_thema + draggystack)
15 (kit_maxel + bessyboo + sixteenthnote + lessxthanxthree)
16 (marseverlasting + sathinks)

Anytime soon?

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26th May 2005

fadagaski10:02pm: SHOEBOX!
I shall be crossing off the top two people on my List to read Ch20, whenever the hell we get round to it in 2007.

I find it highly amusing that ladyjaida has succumbed to the powers of Ewan McGregor Obi-Wan Kenobi. Smart lass.

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23rd May 2005

fadagaski3:38pm: Ahem
I'd hate to think that, in the rush everyone has obviously been to see Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, they've forgotten to record/send me files. Hmmm?

Current Mood: calm

16th May 2005

fadagaski2:54pm: Fixededededededededed
I fixed Ch11 now, so you should be able to actually download it. *rolls eyes* No pictures as of yet, I know. Admire the pretty Red Crosses of Doom and Despair.

Current Mood: complacent

13th May 2005

fadagaski8:48am: UPDAAAAAAAAAAAAATE!
Everyone must immediately bow down in gratitude and awe to the great, the amazing, mandyesque and sixteenthnote. These girls have managed to do, in a couple of weeks, Ch11.




Therefore, in a few minutes, you shall all have Ch11 on Teh Site. By 'few minutes', I mean about 20, as I'm still saving the files. But they'll be there shortly, with text links until lessxthanxthree can get me the little pictures to put on there (if you please, hun!).


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3rd May 2005

I'm not even counting days between Nudgits now. This is just because I'm very very bored in school. *sigh* Give me things to look forward to when I get home. Am still waiting for files on:

16 (I think)

And that's without reference to my Spreadsheet of Despair.

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27th April 2005

fadagaski6:06pm: Nudgit #2

Sith Lord
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21st April 2005

fadagaski8:45am: NUDGIT!
Don't forget me! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease don't forget me!

Um. Yes. Heh. I figured I'd post Nudgits here every five days, so that people don't forget, um, stuff. And also, when this appears on your flist, you can race to assure me that YES THE FILES ARE COMING OMG HOLD YOUR HORSES YOU CRAZY MARE NO PUN INTENDED DUH.

Or something.


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16th April 2005

fadagaski6:03pm: *wanders in*


Current Mood: sad

11th April 2005

fadagaski5:42pm: *pokes all*
I'm off school with a nasty bout of the cold. Gimme something to work on. *pokes*

Current Mood: sick
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